Monogram Structure


Monogram Etiquette and Monogram Order


Proper structure of a monogram’s initials is probably the most stressful part of ordering monogrammed jewelry. If you’re unsure what order you’d prefer, here are some general guidelines that may help. Keep in mind, the decision in how to structure a monogrammed item is strictly a personal one, so feel free to be yourself.


Monograms for Women and Girls


The traditional method for monogramming a females initials in a fancy font is first initial, last initial, middle initial. The last initial the largest part of the monogram in the center. For example Kaitlyn Marie Brumley would look like this:


Kaitlyn Marie Brumley Monogram Initials


Tradition dictates that a woman’s maiden initials are always appropriate to use in place of her middle initial after she is married making the structure first initial, married last initial, maiden last initial. For instance, if Kaitlyn Brumley married Kendall Boyd, her new monogram would be as follows, Kaitlyn Brumley Boyd:
Kaitlyn Brumley Boyd Monogram Initials


For the Married Couple or soon to be married couple
When monogramming as a gift for a wedding or bridal shower you can also choose a couples monogram style. For the above example, Kaitlyn will be marrying Kendall and she wants to wear their monogram on a necklace to the receiption. In that case, a traditional couples monogram is her first initial, their new last name, and his first initial.


Kaitlyn & Kendall Boyd’s monogram would be:


Kaitlyn & Kendall Boys monogram initials


Monograms for Men or Boys


The most common rule when monogramming a men’s gift item is to use a same-size monogram or full name. Many people prefer to use the initials in the first, middle and last order in a same size font. This letter format is often found on personal items such as briefcases, luggage, shirt pockets and cuffs. For these kind of items, Dwight Eugene Mullins would be simply DEM. Block fonts are much more common for men’s monograms.


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